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What good is a home without a proper roof to go over your head? At Big Idea, we provide complete roofing services that will have you covered. From small projects like leaks, mold removal, and cosmetic updates to redoing or replacing the entire roof, Big Idea Construction will have you looking up in no time. As experts in the industry, we not only provide you with the right service, but we make the painful process of dealing with insurance companies our responsibility. Once we take on your project, we will work with your insurance company and in many cases will be able to perform the work with no out-of-pocket expense to you. Big Idea Construction works with most major insurance companies, so the burden is off of your shoulders. No matter if you a missing one shingle or the roof is caving in, Big Idea Construction has the knowledge and skills to set your mind at ease.




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Leaks - Do you have curling or missing shingles? How about a wet spot on your ceiling? Then you may have a leaky roof. A leaky roof can happen to a roof years before it actually needs replacing. In fact, you may not even know if your roof is leaking, because not all leakage will be as extreme as to drip through the house. At Big Idea Construction we have the industry eye to recognize the telltale signs of a leaking roof and attack the problem head on.

Mold Removal - Black mold steaks on your roof can ruin the appearance of even the newest looking home. Although mold-like stains are actually blue-green algae these unsightly stains can make your property look like the blight of the entire neighborhood. Between serious health issues, bad smells, and a disgusting appearance,  interior mold will put up just as much fight as the stuff growing on your roof. Despite popular belief, bleach does not kill mold, and entrusting an industry specialist like Big Idea Construction is the best way to be sure your mold invasion is truly gone for good.

Cosmetic Damage - With any roof a variety of things can happen that will ruin the luster of an otherwise beautiful home. Between bright sunshine pounding down, the hammering of powerful rain, being plummeted by hail, and eroded by wind, your roof takes a beating like no other part of your home. At Big Idea Construction we have what it takes to restore your roof's beauty. Whether you having missing or curled shingles, a punctured roof, rotting wood, spatter marks, splits or improper work done by the other guys that has come back to haunt you, Big Idea Construction will get the job done right the first time.

Redoing/Replacing - Make no mistake about it, redoing or replacing a roof is a big deal, so it's lucky you can have Big Idea Construction to shoulder the burden for you. From choosing the right type of roofing materials to knowing the process in and out, Big Idea Construction specializes in roof replacement.  With such a massive project literally hanging over your head, its a good idea to have Big Idea Construction do the work for you. Not sure if it's time to replace your roof or not sure if you can afford it? Give Big Idea Construction a call and we will give you expertize advice and work out a deal above all industry standards.

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